We Would Like To Invite You To Partner With Center Peace Ministries International

When you partner with Center Peace Ministries by making a monetary donation and supporting the vision for this ministry, we believe you will reap God's blessings "pressed down, shaken together and running over in your lives."

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Partners in the Glory
The idea of becoming a partner carries great significance and reward in the Scriptures. It carries the idea of someone who is a shareholder and part owner in all that is accomplished in advancing the kingdom of God and plundering the enemy's camp. King David set the precedent in Israel by commanding that all those who went down into the battle and those who stayed back with the baggage were to receive the same reward of the spoils of war (1 Samuel 30:24). The Apostle Paul speaks of this same wonderful principle in Philippians 4:10-19 stating that he rejoiced greatly because these believers were once again revived and blossoming in their concern for him. He states they had become financial partners and shareholders in all that he was doing and even used technical Greek terms describing that their contributions had opened an "account" with his ministry. Their giving was described as "a payment or an installment" into a credit and debit account. In verse 17, Paul continues with this business metaphor by describing that their partnership caused this account to increase or accrue with heavenly dividends due to their earthly investments in his ministry! Because he had received their payment in full and was amply supplied to do the work of the ministry, God was going to correspondingly supply all of their needs according to His riches in glory in Messiah Yeshua (verse 19)!!! Wow, what a promise and what excites us are not only your generous gifts to this ministry but also the heavenly dividends that accrue to your account!!

Therefore, we would like to give you, our friends, a fresh look at becoming shareholders in what God is doing through Center Peace Ministries. Ask the Father and allow His Spirit to move your heart (as is found in Exodus 25:2) about the amount He wants you to invest in opening your heavenly account. And He in turn will meet every one of your needs according to the "Bank of Glory" that is in the Messiah! Infuse your contributions into heavenly treasures (Matt. 6:20) and let us run together as Partners in the Glory for the Master.



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